A taste of ubiquity; photographing the launch of GPS IIF-5.

We all wish we could be in two places at once occasionally. While in Florida last week shooting Daytona Speedweeks for NASCAR Illustrated, I would find myself in a predicament. The launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket, the 25th flight, would occur during the same time as the Budweiser Duels at Daytona […]

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Falcon 9 launches Thaicom 6

The start of the New Year always brings on new goals and expectations. I am always on an never-ending quest to keep my photography fresh and different, this proves to sometimes be a challenge, especially when it comes to launch photography. While each launch is quite different, there are only so many locations around a […]

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Best Photos of 2013: Spaceflight

It is hard to believe that another year has already passed since I presented my favorite spaceflight photos of 2012, and wow, what a year that was with the Space shuttle delivery flights around the United States! This year however I got to focus on launches, five of them to be exact from the West […]

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