A taste of ubiquity; photographing the launch of GPS IIF-5.

We all wish we could be in two places at once occasionally. While in Florida last week shooting Daytona Speedweeks for NASCAR Illustrated, I would find myself in a predicament. The launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket, the 25th flight, would occur during the same time as the Budweiser Duels at Daytona […]

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Best Photos of 2013: Spaceflight

It is hard to believe that another year has already passed since I presented my favorite spaceflight photos of 2012, and wow, what a year that was with the Space shuttle delivery flights around the United States! This year however I got to focus on launches, five of them to be exact from the West […]

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Work continues on the final home of Atlantis

On Thursday, December 27th I was given a tour of the continuing progress of the new Atlantis exhibit hall at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The 100 million dollar building, which has yet to be officially named, will tell the story of the Space Shuttle Program through movies, interactive exhibits and displays. The centerpiece […]

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Best Photos of 2012: Spaceflight

Although 2011 saw the end of the exciting Space Shuttle launches, 2012 would still see plenty of cool launches and the deliveries of each shuttle orbiter to its respective museum. I would meet many amazing people along the way and continue to share the exciting times with others.

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Inside NASA’s Mysterious Rubber Room

Ever since learning about the Rubber Room and Blast Room deep below launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center I had been hopeful that I would one day get to photograph this mysterious remnant of the Apollo Program. I had seen very few photos of this room online and by talking to friends at KSC […]

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Parading into Retirement Part II

And then there was one. With orbiters Discovery and Endeavour now delivered to their respective museums only Atlantis was left inside the confines of Kennedy Space Center. I caught up with Atlantis on the day before the move inside High Bay 4 of the Vehicle Assembly Building. The very first time I saw an orbiter […]

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Parading into Retirement

Although the final launch of a space shuttle occurred over a year ago at Kennedy Space Center, there was still much to accomplish to prepare the spaceplanes for permanent museum display. Of the three remaining orbiters, Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour, Discovery was the first to leave the spaceport home in April 2012 for its museum […]

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