Winter Slumber in the Cass Shop

The winter months are a very busy time around the Cass Scenic Railroads locomotive shop. Currently four Shay locomotives are inside the shop all receiving some type of work.

Cass Scenic Railroad Shay #2 is currently undergoing its FRA mandated form 4 inspection which includes a complete thickness scan of the boiler and new flues. Other tasks include firebox work, a new smokebox and some new tires.

The stripped down boiler sits on the shop floor removed from its frame.

A look inside the firebox of Shay #2 reveals a section of the side-sheet removed for replacement. The removed side-sheet give a good look at how the stay-bolts look inside the boiler.

Western Maryland Shay 6 is having some work done on her front truck as well as new rear deadwood.

Shay #11 had a few broken stay-bolts that needed to be addressed behind her three cylinders. In order to repair the broken stays the cylinders had to be removed from the engine for access.

Once room becomes available in the shop, Shay 5 and Heisler 6 will be brought inside for the yearly FRA checkup. The Heisler will be receiving some work on the first truck as well as a new coal bunker.


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