Best Photos of 2010: Landscapes

Throughout the year I have made it a point to add to my stock of landscape images. Since I live in one of the most beautiful states in the East I decided to take advantage of it. This blog is heavily biased on the sites around Tucker County, WV but I also managed to visit a few other places around the Eastern United States.

Elakala Falls located at Blackwater Falls State Park along Shays run.

Shays Run Fall #2

The sun sets over Lindy point after a beautiful spring day at Blackwater Falls state park..

Leaves swirl around at Shays run fall #2.

A different view of Shays run fall #2 at Blackwater Falls state park.

Looking downstream along the North Fork of the Blackwater River.

Douglas Falls during a rainy fall day. This waterfall is probably my favorite in the state.

The sun begins to set at Lindy Point.

The milky way lights up the night sky near Cass, WV.

The sun sets over Ponce Inlet, Fl on Thanksgiving day.

In January I spent several days at Blackwater State Park and I did not come back with one sunny image. During a December trip I got lucky with this nice sunset viewed from Pendleton Point.

Douglas falls after a fresh January snowfall.

Large icicles hug the hillside. In the background is a almost completely frozen Elakala Falls.

Blackwater Falls during January, the next day it would be almost completely frozen.


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