A Canaan Valley Winter

Over the past week I visited Canaan Valley, WV for some photography and skiing. I wasnt planning to go to Canaan Valley so early in the season until I noticed that they were already getting pounded with snow. When I arrived several inches were already on the ground and throughout the week another foot or two of snow would fall. This weather made for a perfect trip.

The above shot is of Elakala falls which had unfortunately already been mostly frozen over. I did not let this discourage me, I noticed the large icicles hugging the edge of the bank and tried to work them into a shot. With a windchill of -15 I ended up not spending as much time as I would have liked here.

I spent several days in the area last winter and never saw one sunny day. I thought I would be more lucky this year, while it was still mostly cloudy I was still able to take advantage of the light when it broke through the clouds.

A pair of deer are seen looking for food during a cold morning.

I shot this image as I was headed to the top of the slopes at Timberline Ski Resort.

Canon 7D, 10-22, ISO 200, F9, 1/60

That evening I started noticing more and more cloud cover. I had been planning to take a sunset image at Pendleton Point which is located about 10 miles away from Canaan Valley at Blackwater Falls State Park. I decided that even with the cloud cover I would still head over to the overlook. Luckily the sun broke through the clouds and provided me with this great scene which lasted only seconds. I was quite happy with the results and this single image made the trip worth it.

On Friday morning I awoke to more freshly fallen snow. I decided to take an hour or so before I hit the slopes to take some wildlife images. I came across several deer around the park looking for food under the cold and snowy landscape.

I continued to search the park for more deer. This one walked within feet of me so I decided to shoot several closeups with my 500mm. He stood around for a few minutes, during this time I took a hundred or so different photos. I ended up liking the above image the most.

Frosted trees cover the landscape.

Before heading home Saturday I noticed how nice the trees looked. I found nice scene right off the road.

This barn was found on the right side of the road near Harman, WV.


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